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Serving the Peace with Sand & Gravel in the Fairview Area

Since 1971, Tri-S Concrete (1996) Ltd has been serving industry in the Peace River region with ready mixed concrete products. In 1984, we expanded our concrete-only business to provide construction professionals in the Fairview area with gravel and sand materials, too.

Sand and gravel products have endless applications. They are used by residential and commercial customers for landscaping and decorating. Sand and gravel suits Fairview area industrial projects too.

Tri-S Concrete (1996) can supply:

  • Crushed, decorative, and drain rock
  • Landscaping and armoured rocks
  • Topsoil and fill material
  • Exposed aggregate
  • Rip rap

Give us a call today to inquire more about our sand and gravel products in Fairview.

Residential Applications for Sand & Gravel

It’s not just construction companies working on construction projects that benefit from our sand and gravel products. Fairview homeowners can, too. For example, crushed rock and drain rock is a wonderful base material for landscaping projects with decorative potential, excellent drainage, and backfill applications.

To learn more about our sand and gravel products in Fairview, please give us a call today.

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